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Our credit union is for people, not for profit!

We are a financial co-operative that provides savings and loan facilities for the benefit of our members. As a co-operative, we are owned and controlled by our members, each of whom has one vote (once aged 16 or over) - regardless of how much or how little they have saved.

Our Common Bond

Each credit union serves members drawn from particular area or group - this is known as a common bond. For many credit unions that common bond is the area they live in. For others the common bond might be the occupation members work in, the employer they work for or, perhaps, members are drawn from a society or association. This common bond is what enables members to know and trust one another. Our common bond is Blackpool area and a pre-defined geographical area.

Why Join?

No fees - Free Services - Convenience - Community Benefits

Members of our credit union enjoy many benefits, including:

  • There are no account fees, maintenance costs or charges
  • e offer a wide range of financial services with a variety of discounts for members - Car/Home & Holiday Insurance through
  • Competitive loan interest rates
  • Encouragement and advice on a regular savings programme and budget accounts
  • Pay into your savings or pay off your loan by standing order directly from your bank account
  • Loan Protection, Life Savings and Death Benefit insurance at no direct cost to eligible members
  • Nomination of your accounts - See the Savings Section for more detailed information

How do I Join?

Joining is Easy! To be eligible for membership of Blackpool Credit Union you must be living, going to school or working within our common bond area.

To open a savings account you'll need the following:

  • Evidence of ID: For example a current valid Passport, Drivers Licence or official ID card issued by the Revenue Commissioners or Department of Social Protection.
  • Evidence of Address: For example, a recent Utility Bill, Local Authority Document, Official Document from a Government Body or Bank/Building Society statement.
  • Evidence of PPS Number: For example document from the Department of Social Protection or the Revenue Commissioners.

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