Budget Account Service

Budgeting for your expenses

Delegate Blackpool to pay those bills – on time, everytime!!!

Living, lifestyle and families generate bills. Regular bills are demanding masters that need to be organised and managed with consistent and unrelenting discipline. They just never go away.

Join the growing number of members taking advantage of this super hassle free service where bills are never overlooked, members enjoy savings on bank charges, the burden of planning money is removed and the household outlay is simply and confidentially organised.

This is a popular service to Blackpool Credit Union members. If you are not already in the Budget Plan – you should consider joining it now as we will be starting a new plan from 1st October next or the start of any month.

A standing order facility is available if you wish to pay this through your bank.

Remember a Budget Planner is for your own use, so be honest, write down your real Income and Expenditure no matter how big or small,every little counts.

What is a Budget?

A Budget is a plan for the money you expect to get and how you intend to spend or save it. It is a helpful record because it will tell you

  • How much money is coming in and going out
  • How much money you have left
  • How much of what you owe (debts) you can afford to pay off
  • How you can plan your spending in the future
  • How much you can afford to save
  • Where you can make changes to your spending habits.

Budgeting can give you:

  • Peace of mind ….it stops you spending money you don’t have
  • Controls your spending and avoids impulse buying
  • You feel more organised ….you can plan for goals such as Holiday or Home Improvements
  • Prepares you for emergencies……by putting a small bit aside for a “rainy” day
  • Support….it avoids you spending more than you earn (getting into debt)
  • Support….to save money by making changes to your spending habits.

Call into our office today and sign up for this great service. You can also set up a standing order payment.


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