John F Kennedy

The wise use of credit is an essential ingredient in the growing economy.

Credit Unions today are serving people in countries throughout the Free World. Here at home we find credit unions handling the savings of individuals with the surety and prudence born of long experience. The people of many of the newly developing countries – including those in Alliance for Progress – are now also finding that their credit union truly offer “Helping Hands in Many Lands” by performing much needed services for them and for their national economies.

– John F. Kennedy, August 1963.

Great Statesmen involved in Credit Unions

john f. kennedy

The late president John F. Kennedy had many good things to say about credit unions, and here he signs a piece of credit union legislation. Witnesses include Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama, Rep. Wright Patman of Texas, and CUNA international and Bureau of Federal Credit Union officials.

Mr Kennedy once put his signature on a credit union note as a co-signer for a white house janitor.