Fr. Lynch,founder of Blackpool Credit Union.

The success story of Blackpool Credit Union is one worth recording.

Its initiation stemmed from the pulpit of the church of the Assumption, Blackpool when Fr. Lynch delivered a sermon to the men’s confraternity outlining the desperate need for the founding of a credit union parish and outlined the great advantages of such a project.

The response was immediate and a meeting was held subsequently in the sacristy of the church of the Assumption attended by 14 founder members and the first business of the credit union was conducted in the local national school.

The first premise acquired by the credit union was adjacent of the old building at the end of assumption road.

Blackpool credit Union 1963-1988.the tremendous growth of the Blackpool Credit Union since its inception in 1963.from men like Patrick Healy R.I.P., Paddy Daly, Michael Dalton R.I.P., William Carroll, John Goggin, denis Sheehan, Denis Houlihan R.I.P., Stephen o’Sullivan, Thomas Donovan R.I.P., Norman S. Carbonell R.I.P., William Heffernan, Billy Hurly R.I.P., and Denis Jump, spearheaded by the then curate of the parish, Rev Thomas Lynch with a total membership of 139 members.

A study group was set up in November 1062 for the purpose of setting up a credit union to serve the community of the area. The study group met regularly in the sacristy of Blackpool church and from this study group, Blackpool Credit Union opened its doors for membership in February 1963.

First Annual Meeting of Blackpool Credit UNion
John F. Kennedy